50 data scientists from A-Z

Sep 13, 2019. Written by @gustavoChavezCS

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50 data scientists

Here is a list of people in data science (and related disciplines) that I follow on Twitter. The twist is that I made sure I included at least one data scientist for each letter of the English alphabet. Some of them you’ll immediately recognize, some don’t, however they all share very interesting information.

A: Aerin Kim, Andrej Karpathy, Andrew Trask, Anima Anandkumar

drawingAerin Kim (@aerinykim, 3,797 followers) - Research engineer at Microsoft.

drawingAndrej Karpathy (@karpathy, 228,948 followers) - Director of AI at Tesla.

drawingAndrew Trask (@iamtrask, 44,195 followers) - Research scientist at DeepMind.

drawingAnima Anandkumar (@AnimaAnandkumar, 19,289 followers) - Director of research at Nvidia.

B: Ben Hamner, Brandeis Marshall, Brock Ferguson

drawingBen Hamner (@benhamner, 28,191 followers) - CTO at Kaggle.

drawingBrandeis Marshall (@csdoctorsister, 2,771 followers) - Faculty at Harvard University.

drawingBrock Ferguson (@brocferg, 520 followers) - Founder/CTO of strong.io

C: Cassie Kozyrkov, Charles Martin, Chris Albon, Chris Vickery, Cole Knaflic

drawingCassie Kozyrkov (@quaesita, 12,065 followers) - Head of decision intelligence at Google.

drawingCharles Martin (@charlesmartin14, 269 followers) - Data scientist and machine learning consultant.

drawingChris Albon (@chrisalbon, 37,401 followers) - Director of data science at devoted health.

drawingChris Vickery (@VickerySec, 39,330 followers) - Director of cyber risk research at UpGuard.

drawingCole Knaflic (@storywithdata, 17,966 followers) - Host of the story telling with data podcast.

D: DJ Patil

drawingDJ Patil (@dpatil, 66,804 followers) - Former U.S. chief data scientist.

E: Elisa Celis, Eva Ho

drawingElisa Celis (@profelisacelis, 549 followers) - Assistant professor at Yale.

drawingEva Ho (@eva_ho, 5,420 followers) - Entrepreneur in residence at the city of Los Angeles, investor in data-centric companies.

F: Fei-Fei Li, Foster Provost

drawingFei-Fei Li (@drfeifei, 323,423 followers) - Professor at Stanford.

drawingFoster Provost (@FakeFoster, 646 followers) - Professor at New York University.

G: Giles McMullen

drawingGiles McMullen (@GilesMcMullen, 1,459 followers) - Youtuber, Python and data science.

H: Hannah Davis

drawingHannah Davis (@ahandvanish, 3,728 followers) - Generative musician, composer, artist.

I: Ian Goodfellow

drawingIan Goodfellow (@goodfellow_ian, 155,852 followers) - Inventor of GANs.

J: Jeff Dean, Joel Grus, Jon Harmon

drawingJeff Dean (@JeffDean, 116,103 followers) - Senior fellow at Google.

drawingJoel Grus (@joelgrus, 12,736 followers) - Research engineer at Allen institute for artificial intelligence.

drawingJon Harmon (@JonTheGeek, 909 followers) - Admin of R for data science community and host of the TidyTuesday podcast.

K: Kenneth Stanley, Kevin Markham

drawingKenneth Stanley (@kenneth0stanley, 3,644 followers) - Uber AI Labs.

drawingKevin Markham (@justmarkham, 10,299 followers) - Founder of Data School.

drawingKirk Borne (@KirkDBorne, 242,089 followers) - Principal data scientist at Booz Allen.

L: Lars Hulstaert, Lucy Guo

drawingLars Hulstaert (@LarsHulstaert, 531 followers) - Data Scientist at Microsoft.

drawingLucy Guo (@lucy_guo, 15,140 followers) - Co-founder of scale.ai.

M: Marcos López de Prado, Martin Goodson, Matei Zaharia

drawingMarcos López de Prado (@lopezdeprado, 5,611 followers) - Professor of practice at Cornell University.

drawingMartin Goodson (@martingoodson, 924 followers) - Chair of the Royal statistical society data science section.

drawingMatei Zaharia (@matei_zaharia, 19,334 followers) - Chief technologist at Data Bricks.

N: Natalie Schluter

drawingNatalie Schluter (@natschluter, 1,945 followers) - Associate Professor, IT University in Copenhagen.

O: Oren Etzioni

drawingOren Etzioni (@etzioni, 21,438 followers) - CEO of the Allen institute for artificial intelligence.

P: Pedro Domingos

drawingPedro Domingos (@pmddomingos, 29,763 followers) - Professor of computer science at University of Washington.

Q: Quincy Larson

drawingQuincy Larson (@ossia, 92,571 followers) - Founder of freecodecamp.com

R: Rachel Thomas, Renee Teate, Rumman Chowdhury

drawingRachel Thomas (@math_rachel, 52,599 followers) - Director of USF center for applied data ethics.

drawingRenee Teate (@BecomingDataSci, 48,137 followers) - Host of Becoming a Data Scientist Podcast.

drawingRumman Chowdhury (@ruchowdh, 13,680 followers) - Data scientist & social scientist at Accenture.

S: Sarah Constantin

drawingSarah Constantin (@s_r_constantin, 2,720 followers) - Founder at Daphnia labs.

drawingSergii (@lc0d3r, 1,148 followers) - Data science and machine learning at stylight.com

T: Thibault Févry, Tian X

drawingThibault Févry (@iwontbecreative, 297 followers) - Resident at GoogleAI.

drawingTian X (@xtbot, 222 followers) - AI infrastructure for self-driving vehicles at Nvidia.

U: UC Berkeley, US Census

drawingUCBerkeley (@BerkeleyData, 13,349 followers) - UC Berkeley School of Information.

drawingUS Census (@uscensusbureau, 96,997 followers) - Data about U.S. population and economy.

V: Vicki Boykis, Vivian Zhang

drawingVicki Boykis (@vboykis, 17,927 followers) - Data scientist at Averital consulting.

drawingVivian Zhang (@vivian__zhang, 9,367 followers) - Founder of NYC Data science academy and NYC open data meetup.

W: Alexandr Wang

drawingWang Alexandr (@alexandr_wang, 3,867 followers) - CEO at scale_ai.com

X: Xihan Li

drawingXihan Li (@Xihanli, 107 followers) - Data scientist at shopee.com

Y: Yann LeCun

drawingYann LeCun (@ylecun, 155,097 followers) - Chief AI scientist at Facebook, 2018 Turing Award.

Z: Zongheng Yang

drawingZongheng Yang (@ConcreteVitamin, 1,003 followers) - PhD student at Berkeley RISE lab.

(Last updated: Sep 13th, 2019)

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